Privacy Policy

This declaration contains privacy policy of (Bilisim d.o.o.). By visiting of you accept conditions and rules that are down.

In membership stage of and later it wants from you personal information. For protection and hiding of personal information as a team of is our priority. Becuase of this informations that you gave in Membership Contract stated rules and rules will not be used for anything else, it will not be shared with third persons.

Determination of problems with system and for the fastest way of solving those problems,, when needed it determines user IP and uses it. IP adresses, users generally define and it is used for collecting comprehesive demographic information.
Registration form on our site, order forms, surveys and competitions, contact information (your name, your surname, your email, your phone number and post adress) and demographic information (your age, your income etc.) can be wanted from you. Purchase form can want financial information (number of credit card). Personal information that we mentioned up, taking order, offer our products and services, realise payments, your orders, call you for marketing of products and services, update your informations and direct your membership, suggest products and services you may be interested in and third person technic, logistic and similar other functions are used to fulfill our duty.

When you are member of you get weekly information email if you do not want it you can quit it. When you want you can change emails, you can give up on service and you can get it again. Content of this mails, product that you buy or information about product, other products that you may be interested in, advertisement of third persons and it may contain similar information. Demographical information, we use it to adapt interests of users. This information, targeted group of advertisement and to supply them and also information other users can be given to advertisetors. In this information there is no personal information, just users tendency and it is used for segmentation. Any time daily, if you do not want to be on e-mail list, on bottom of email there is “E-bülten listemizden çıkmak için lütfen tıklayınız” when you click the link your membership is over.

Financial information that is collected so you can get bill for product an service you bought. When you buy on site your financial information, for realisation of procedure you accept that is given to third person (banks, credit cart companies etc.). Informations that are shared credit cart number, expire date, CVV2 all financial information is included.
All credit card and personal information is secured by SSL secure system which is safety standard has 128 bit passwording. With this when you are on internet no person or institution can get your information. When you have question or proposal about our privacy policy you can send us mail from contact part.

For cancellation of membership you send e-mail to or you can under contact page is contact form on page you can request from us.